Bugaboo Bee High Performance Rain Cover


Bugaboo Bee High Performance Raincover



Product Description:

The High-Performance Bugaboo Bee Rain cover is an important accessory to protect your baby from the elements and any type of weather change. When the weather becomes colder, you need to act fast and smart to keep your little one dry, comfortable and completely protected. The Bugaboo High Performance Rain Cover is quick and easy to install, the compact storage means you can always take it with you wherever you go. The rain cover has a 180 degree zipper that can be opened with one hand, making it easy to take your child in and out, or reach them if they need something. To make sure your little one can still look out into the world, the cover features an extra transparent surface. The transparency also means your child’s environment will benefit from extra light, especially important on dark and dreary days.


Mesh vents- breezy air flow

180 degrees zipper for easy access

Optimal view: more light and sight

Integrated storage pocket: compact storage

Reflective strip: 180 degree visibility at night and during bad weather

PVC-free: this rain cover is free from PVC materials, meaning it has a lower environmental impact than PVC plastic





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